Mangiare in Bianco

With all of the lovely new experiences italy is bringing me, i can finally add food poisoning to the list! I am oh-so sick. And I think it’s something I ate. Here is the advice I got from my Italian contemporaries:

  • Upon hearing ‘sono malata’, my cleaning lady ushered me back into bed with hurried hands. She then produced her purse, which held bags in bags in bags and finally whipped out some indiscernible medicine. She insisted I take one pasticca adesso, and one at sera. My parents always taught me never to take things from strangers, especially not I think I’m going to pass on that one.

  • My program directors at the palazzo told me to eat “in bianco”. In other words, plain food. For most, this would mean a diet of white rice. For the italians, this calls for pasta in biano, which consists of spaghetti dressed with olive oil and parmigiano cheese.
  • …I also told them that I had bought oatmeal and upon hearing this they retorted they feed oatmeal to animals and that this was probably the reason for my issue. (seriously, why all the oatmeal hate?)

What I’ve resolved to do is lay in bed, drink water, and eat plain tramezzini until I feel well again. I am missing my italiaidea language class today, but my teachers made it clear that in Italy, when you’re sick you stay home and rest! Apparently the American pastime of overexerting yourself and risking infecting others for the sake of work doesn’t fly here. With that, buonanotte!


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