Porta Portese, Midday

Porta Portese, Midday

Today, my lovely new friend Benedetta took me and some friends to Porta Portese, the ultimate outdoor flea market in Rome. it happens every sunday morning. the hawkers here sell all sorts of goods, some necessary, some totally excessive. I, of course, had my eye out for all the beautiful second hand messenger bags that were gleaming in the sun, hanging from the vendors’ makeshift canopies. and they come at a pretty good price; 25-40 euros for the satchel of my dreams. not bad at all for a starving college student.

...that is, if it fits my 17 in laptop...

…that is, if it fits my 17 in laptop…

common porta portese goods: fur coats, leather jackets, PURSES, strange and benal underwear, dvds galore, cheap housewares, stolen and misfit watches.

if you go, be wary of where your stuff is. I’ve been told the market is crawling with pickpockets. Benedetta translated the indiscernable wailing of one patron who apparently had her phone plucked from her pocket. and last but not least, BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN!


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